torsdag den 1. juli 2021

Monster carp from the Graviers

@27,4 kg this was my last fish of the trip...

The first weeks of May I was again on banks of "Graviers" after missing last years trip due to travel restrictions. As I would be spending quite some time on the lake I decided to take my chances and bait the end of the lake I would be fishing quite heavily everyday with a big scattering of 22mm DT Cold Water Green Beast boilies all over and and half a kilo concentrated over each rod.I decided to use simple balanced 22mm Matching Hard Hooker / 15mm pink Supa Fruit snowman on 9 inch 20lb IQ 2 D rigs with size 4 Kamakura Widegapes on hybrid leadclips with a good length of Darkmatter tubing. The mainline was a new prototype of 18lb Kontour that I have been testing for the last year with great success!    

The weather was a bit moody with frosty mornings and long periods of rain and I really was expecting the first days to be quite as the carp would need to get on the bait - just after lunch on the second day, the first rod was off and after a lengthy boat battle a long mirror of 70lb and 1oz was ready for pictures - what a start!

31,8kg!! What a start - look at the length of that..

A BIG surprise @ 32,8kg what a carp! 

The next days didn't produce anymore action - even changing spots, hookbaits and every other trick in the bag helped - but sometimes the carp just aren't interested. After a weeks fishing the weather changed to milder temperatures and the carp reacted straight away. In the comming days the action would be more steady without going crazy and I finished the trip on a total of 11 carp including two 50lbers, a 60lber, the 70lber that I landed early in the trip another 70lber @ 72lb 5oz and a new PB - a massive 88lb plus mirror that took me the length of the lake in the boat and 45min to land!

@around or just over 40kg and new PB! A true beast..

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