fredag den 24. april 2015

Real eel strikes again

This time, I had just put out the rods when the first fish stroked. To my great happiness, I could land a beautiful Pike at 108 cm and 11,8 kg.  After a short photo session, I quickly put her back again and started to rig the rods. I had barely put the first rod back in its place, before it was violently taken. I could feel that it was a good fish, and when it was in the net, I could see that that it also was a beautiful fish in a very good condition. The fish was 100 cm and 10,3 kg. Both fish were caught on my favorite lure, 40 cm Real Eel.
After fishing in less than an hour I already had two 10+kg fish in the boat, and I was extremely excited and the adrenaline was pumping. Could I have hit one of those days we all dream of? Where everything falls out to your advantaged? I hurried back out on the water and quickly put the rods back in place – I wanted to be ready for the next fish. Sadly the strikes were absent the rest of the day, but I am still very pleased with these two beautiful specimens.
Tight lines - Mikkel

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