onsdag den 29. november 2017

The dark mirror

My autumn campaign this year was concentrated on a lake that has seen very little angling pressure over the years... To be fair, I have only seen pictures of 6 different carp, 1 has since died, but one of the remaining fish being a big well shaped dark mirror, that I would like to have a few pictures with. So I knew that I was probably fishing for very few fish - so I opted to bait 3 different areas with a calculated amount of 18mm DT Pukka Fish Boilies with Peach and Sour Cream flavour for 4 weeks to try and get the carp to open up the small holes in the weed - after a few weeks I could see that the few remaining carp were visiting the areas on a regular basis as the spots were nice and clear, perfect for presenting a single baited rig. When I finally started my campaign in the beginning of September I had high hopes...But alas the carp weren't having it and after 3 consecutive nights without a bite, I started playing around with rigs and different presentations - now this is normally where you would read the cliché about how all the changes made started putting fish on the bank! But no - my Nevill's were silent, not a bleep after 5 nights...So I went back to my standard bottom bait presentation and on the 6th morning the bobbin on the right hand rod tightened up, I decided to strike even tho' no line was taken off the reel, and right away I bent into what I could feel was a decent fish and after a quick battle there was a broad shouldered massive dark mirror in the net.. Later I could confirm, that it was indeed the carp I was after @ 19,3 kg.. I went on to use the next three weeks at the lake, doing around 3 nights a week - but I did not see or hear signs of any of the other few carp that inhabit the lake.......

19,3 kilo of pure darkness

fredag den 17. november 2017

Vertical zander

So, I thought I would post a little selection af some of the better zander I have caught over the last 2 winter seasons - all have been caught on pleagic "sharp shooting" - at the moment I am getting ready for the comming winter season, and I will try to post some updates...


A bit of news - I have become a consultant for FR Custom Reels from Germany! I am very honored that the owner of FR Custom reels Frank Richter has chosen me to help test new and upcoming products. Frank produces some of the higest quality custom modifications for carp reels, like Teflon drag discs, custom spools and customizing of reels - paint work, water transfers and so on. I am very impressed with the quality and finish of Franks products, and I know there is a whole series of bankwear on the way, including handmade bobbins, banksticks and so on. Please pay the FR Custom reels page a visit and check out their Facebook and Instagram page!

onsdag den 15. marts 2017

Echo sounder presentation at Danish fishing clubs

What is what and how do I read it?
For those interested, I will be doing a series of presentations on the use of echo sounders, hosted by different fishing clubs I Denmark in 2017. Two venues, Ishøj Sportfiskerklub and Sorø Lystfiskerklub have been confirmed and I am just waiting for the exact dates – I will publish them here, but more plans are being made as several other clubs have shown interest. 

I will be going over general use and setting of the echo sounder - I have spent literally thousands of hours looking at “sounders” on salt and freshwater over the years, and I am sure that I can help improve your use of echo sounders, so you can get more out of your fishing trips. I will be bringing the latest from unit from Humminbird along, so we can go over the latest and leading technology from Chirp to Mega Imaging. I hope to see you there.

Tight lines


torsdag den 9. marts 2017

The new Humminbird SOLIX!

Most of you who keep up to date with echo sounders, should have heard the news! Humminbird has finally revealed their new “monster” the SOLIX – available in 12” and  a whopping 15” version, and they have not spared on groundbreaking features, packing the SOLIX with the revolutionary Mega Imaging, full CHIRP, Bluetooth and Cross Touch, just to mention a few. Everybody knows that I am a big fan of the ONIX unit, and I have used it for all my lake and sea angling since it came out, and my personal point of view is that it has the best 2D, Down View and Side Imaging out there. So I am really looking forward to get my hands on the SOLIX – if they are just half of what they are promised to be, then they will be a game changer for sure! I will keep you updated when I have had the chance to try one.

In the meantime, check out the SOLIX units here:

tirsdag den 9. august 2016

Family carp vacation

Lilja with her second ever carp - the fist one got away before we got the chance to take photos!

I brought the family along for a ”work week” at the Graviers in France. The plan was, that I wasn’t going to do any fishing this time around, but hand my tackle over to my girlfriend and our kids, so they could do some hours fishing on Luke’s back lake a few times during the stay. We baited an area for a few days with a mix of 18mm Pukka Fish boilies before getting the rigs out, and it didn’t take long before the first of the two rods was of, and after a good battle I could lift the net around a nice French common for Alexander, his first ever. This was only one of many carp for the new anglers, and the bites kept on coming on the simple snowman of a pukkafish bottombait and a new white test pop up. During the next short 1-2 hour day sessions, Lilja, Hekla and Freyja also managed to catch their first ever carp, and more – with several thirties mixed in. Again a great time at Luke's together with Nick, Christian, Simon and Lonnie.

Alexander with a lovely French common
Hekla with a nice 30lb plus mirror

Teaching the next generation correct fish handeling

Back she goes...... Until next time...

fredag den 17. juni 2016

PB og bådrekord laks!

15,2 kilo smuk trolling laks!
En lille forsinket rapport fra da Magnus og jeg var på vores første rigtige trollingtur efter laks i den nye båd. Vi havde godt nok været afsted en enkelt gang før, men med et hav af uheld som defekt trailer,ekkolod og vhf radio var det ikke ligefrem den start vi havde håbet på. Vi havde derfor ugerne op til denne weekend brugt alle vores aftner på at få styr på elektronikken, samt hvad der ellers... måtte udskiftes. Fiskeriet var ekstremt svært og den første dag på vandet endte med at der ikke kom laks i båden. Men fik vi 5kr. for hver hornfisk der var oppe og vende, så tror jeg at benzinen til hjem turen var i hus.
Dagen efter var der kongevejr og det var en sand fornøjelse at være på vandet. Der sket heller ikke noget de første mange timer og der blev arbejdet hårdt i båden. Grejkasserne blev endevendt og der blev afprøvet at hav af fremgangsmetoder. Belønningen kom ved middagstid da knaren skriger fra en af sideplaner stængerne og der var fast fisk. Den stoppede 900fod ude og det hårde arbejde kunne påbegynde. Jeg fik den uden de store vanskeligheder ind på omkring 400fod hvor den derefter tog et vanvittig udløb og stoppede først på 800fod! Der viste jeg at det var en rigtigt god fisk jeg havde for enden af linen og vi besluttede hurtigt at ryddet alle stængerne, der skulle ikke gå noget galt!
Efter 45min intens fight kunne Magnus nette en laks på 112cm og 15,2kg! Der var jubel i båden og en ny PB og bådrekord var realitet. Det var en kæmpe oplevelse og vi kunne slet ikke fatte hvad der lige var sket. Det hele spillede max under fighten og båden var en fornøjelse at sejle med.
Det bliver så fedt at skulle komme i gang til næste sæson og kan næsten ikke vente.
Tight lines Mikkel