torsdag den 9. marts 2017

The new Humminbird SOLIX!

Most of you who keep up to date with echo sounders, should have heard the news! Humminbird has finally revealed their new “monster” the SOLIX – available in 12” and  a whopping 15” version, and they have not spared on groundbreaking features, packing the SOLIX with the revolutionary Mega Imaging, full CHIRP, Bluetooth and Cross Touch, just to mention a few. Everybody knows that I am a big fan of the ONIX unit, and I have used it for all my lake and sea angling since it came out, and my personal point of view is that it has the best 2D, Down View and Side Imaging out there. So I am really looking forward to get my hands on the SOLIX – if they are just half of what they are promised to be, then they will be a game changer for sure! I will keep you updated when I have had the chance to try one.

In the meantime, check out the SOLIX units here:

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