tirsdag den 9. august 2016

Family carp vacation

Lilja with her second ever carp - the fist one got away before we got the chance to take photos!

I brought the family along for a ”work week” at the Graviers in France. The plan was, that I wasn’t going to do any fishing this time around, but hand my tackle over to my girlfriend and our kids, so they could do some hours fishing on Luke’s back lake a few times during the stay. We baited an area for a few days with a mix of 18mm Pukka Fish boilies before getting the rigs out, and it didn’t take long before the first of the two rods was of, and after a good battle I could lift the net around a nice French common for Alexander, his first ever. This was only one of many carp for the new anglers, and the bites kept on coming on the simple snowman of a pukkafish bottombait and a new white test pop up. During the next short 1-2 hour day sessions, Lilja, Hekla and Freyja also managed to catch their first ever carp, and more – with several thirties mixed in. Again a great time at Luke's together with Nick, Christian, Simon and Lonnie.

Alexander with a lovely French common
Hekla with a nice 30lb plus mirror

Teaching the next generation correct fish handeling

Back she goes...... Until next time...

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