onsdag den 29. november 2017

The dark mirror

My autumn campaign this year was concentrated on a lake that has seen very little angling pressure over the years... To be fair, I have only seen pictures of 6 different carp, 1 has since died, but one of the remaining fish being a big well shaped dark mirror, that I would like to have a few pictures with. So I knew that I was probably fishing for very few fish - so I opted to bait 3 different areas with a calculated amount of 18mm DT Pukka Fish Boilies with Peach and Sour Cream flavour for 4 weeks to try and get the carp to open up the small holes in the weed - after a few weeks I could see that the few remaining carp were visiting the areas on a regular basis as the spots were nice and clear, perfect for presenting a single baited rig. When I finally started my campaign in the beginning of September I had high hopes...But alas the carp weren't having it and after 3 consecutive nights without a bite, I started playing around with rigs and different presentations - now this is normally where you would read the cliché about how all the changes made started putting fish on the bank! But no - my Nevill's were silent, not a bleep after 5 nights...So I went back to my standard bottom bait presentation and on the 6th morning the bobbin on the right hand rod tightened up, I decided to strike even tho' no line was taken off the reel, and right away I bent into what I could feel was a decent fish and after a quick battle there was a broad shouldered massive dark mirror in the net.. Later I could confirm, that it was indeed the carp I was after @ 19,3 kg.. I went on to use the next three weeks at the lake, doing around 3 nights a week - but I did not see or hear signs of any of the other few carp that inhabit the lake.......

19,3 kilo of pure darkness

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