søndag den 17. maj 2015

New toy!

Since I finally got started up with Pelagic vertical zander fishing this spring ( There will be an update on this later on ). I decided that I had to get my hands on a new echo sounder - and since I already have a Lowrance HDS 5" generation one, I wanted to "crack the piggybank" and invest in one of the top models on the market. After going thru all the different brands, the final choice fell between the Lowrance HDS 12" gen 3 touch and the Humminbird Oinx 10" SI. In the end I opted to change from Lowrance, which I have used for years without any problems at all. And I put down the money for the ONIX - simply because of the Auto Chart Live function. I think this feature will make a massive difference in my fishing.. Just think - when I am carp fishing in France I can generate a depth chart in real-time! But I will give the ONIX a test over the next few months and write up a full report.


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