søndag den 24. maj 2015

Carpin' closer to home!

15,3 kilo spring mirror
After returning from France, it was about time to get my carp fishing started here in Denmark – a bit later than usual, but the weather and my fishing mood just haven’t been right. I decided to start on a lake, I had visited a few times years back and since I have not made any special plans for my spring fishing this year, this seemed like a good venue as any to start. I blanked the first weekend there, but I did see active carp – so I was back a few days later for another 2 nighter… I got set up in the swim and a few were showing in front of me – so I put out a scattering of around 2 kilos 18mm coldwater mix boilies. The first night was uneventful, so I started thinking about moving into another swim for the last night, but as the day went on, more and more carp started showing. The rods went out on the same spots, with 3-4 handfuls of free offerings over each rig to top up. Again the alarms were silent during the night, but around 9 o clock the following morning, the left rod was off as I was packing up my gear. I quickly grabbed the rod and bent into the fish, which kited heavily to the right and after a powerful battle I managed coax the angry mirror into the net. It went 15,3 kg on the scales – Just after returning the fish the right rod was off, this fish was more eager to play along, and after a short scrap, the carp was safely in the net. A Lovely dark character that spun the scales round to 17,1 kg.. Both fish were caught on 18mm coldwater mix boilies topped with matching 12mm pink washed out pop ups. 

17,1 kg sneaky dark character

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