onsdag den 3. juni 2015

Back on track!

Nice wakeup call.

After a few blank trips, I finally managed to get back on track.. For a double nighter I got into the wanted swim, with the wind hammering into the bay. The first night didn’t produce. But the second night the middle rod was away, resulting in a 26lb 14oz male mirror. The same rod was away around 7 the following morning, after a strange scrap one of the lakes biggest commons was safely in the net, going 36lb 13oz on the scales – to my knowledge it has been a few years since this particular common has graced the banks – both fish were tricked by my favorite spring combination of on 18mm Coldwater mix boilie topped with a 12mm washed-out pink Coldwater pop up and around 1kg of matching freebies pr. rod.  

36lb 13oz of perfection in every way!

Tight Lines

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