søndag den 22. maj 2016

Back from the Graviers

 A deep lovely mirror @ 25,1 kg, the only one that week for me. 
The other side - just a great looking carp!
So another week at the Graviers near Dijon came and went. Again the fishing was difficult to say the least, and without any reason really - weather and water temperature was perfect, but carp can be moody cunts, so in the end Benjamin lost one and caught a lovley compact 26,4 kg (58lb 3oz) mirror. That was the only action that side of the lake. Then on the friday I finaly managed to "bore" a nice       25,1 kg (55lb 5oz) mirror up the line - we all used DT Bait Pukka Fish Mix boilies with sour cream and peach flavour in 22 mm - I am quite shure both fish landed fell for a "snowman" set up with one of the new Cult Classic pop up in the Peach and Orange version, But do check this line of pop ups out, the also do a nice Scopex one and the Bubbelgum version and they are all awesome. But again we had a great trip, so big shouts go out to the lakes owner Luke Moffatt and his "side-kick" Nick and Maze the dog for having us on again - I will be back in July with my family, and the we are palning 3-4 weeks next year, but we will see how things pan out.

Until next time!


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