mandag den 30. maj 2016

Boat plans!

New alu boat build project!
So my good friend Casper and I have finaly decided to go ahead with our plans to build our own aluminium boat for the pleagic vertical zander fishing. I found the plans on the following website: . Obviously - we will customise the design as we go along, so it will fit our exact needs. Casper is a master at welding and all kinds of metal work - so I am sure that the project will come out great when we are finished - I will keep you updated as the project moves forward.

Boat project no. 2 needs some tender loving care!
I also started on another boat project with Benjamin - we wanted a boat we could use for baiting up and boating out rigs for our carp fishing on the big lakes. So we got this great deal on a glassfiber boat - But there will be a "few" hours work, as it needs sanding down, some glasfiber work and a total new paint job. But that is a project for the comming months, as it needs to be finished by the the end of august - again I will keep you updated as this project moves forward.

Fishing wise - Casper and I will be going to Sweden this comming weekend to participate in the   Spinn´s Gösadrag 2016 a pleagic zander competition on the lake Rottnen. We are looking forward to a great time meeting anglers with the same interest as ourselves.

Untill next time!

Tight lines 


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