tirsdag den 11. august 2015

Hard work pays off

Hard work pays off!

My fishing partner and I went out on a fishing trip, in spite of strong winds and low temperatures. Shortly after we had gotten all of our lures in the water, all my rods were off at the same time! We were sure we had found the fish, but to our disappointment we had no more strikes in that area at all. The wind picked up as the day went on, and we had to use the fuel engine to maintain the correct speed against the wind. In spite of the weather conditions that day, we saw a lot of action around midday – it was short but very hectic. The result; nearly 30 fish in the boat, where the largest Pike was 106 cm and 10,2 kg. We caught the Pikes on many different lure models and pretty much all of the different colors. It turned out to be a day where you discover that hard work and endurance pay off in the end.


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