tirsdag den 18. august 2015

Weekend with over 50 pike in the boat!!

Crazy days on the lake - with many big and beautiful pike in the boat!

After many hours of searching we finally found the bait fish – and lots of pikes With more than 50 fish in the boat it was two hectic days. No fat ladies this time, but 6 fish above the 1meter mark. Especially the 27,5cm Rattle Shad MS proved very good and was often totally engulfed by even the smaller pikes. Also the Hering Shad in 32cm and the 40cm Reel Eel, both rigged with 25gram jighead and SG Shad Belly Stingers were superb. All slowly trolled behind the MP Paravane.

The Savage Gear soft lures were inhaled by the pike!

Another big pike that smashed into the lure!

Another beautiful pike


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