lørdag den 8. august 2015

Testing new colors

The new colors proved very effective for big pike!

This spring I finally got my hands on the new colors. I received the long-expected Herring Shad and Real Eel in the special colors in stock in the shop. And off course I couldn’t wait to test them. The largest part of the lake, were unfortunately covered with ice, and I had to chop my way through 4-500 meters of ice before I could reach open water. I had a difficult start because of so little open water, fortunately the sun broke through and created more open water as the hours progressed. Because of this I managed to find the fish which were very concentrated, and I ended up having a couple of hectic hours. I fished the lures in a low pace about 20 m behind the boat. Reel Eel 40cm and Herring Shad 25cm were mounted with a 25gr jighead on SG Shad Belly Stinger. The rods used were Savage Gear MPP Predator trigger 9ft >120gr and the wheel was Okuma Coldwater 203DLX. leader was SG Fluoro Carbon 90mm.
Mikkel with another big crocodile...

Real eel in the new colors.

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