mandag den 10. august 2015

Just before the close season

101 cm - BUT 11,2 kg!
In Denmark it is forbidden to fish for pike from 1st of April till 1st of May. So this was last trip before the close season. The last trip to this lake turned out to be a hectic day, so I expected a lot from this trip and I could not wait to get the boat in the water!
Just as I expected it turned out to be a very hectic day, with 20-30 fish in the boat. Unfortunately the most part of them were not as big as I had hoped, however then to my surprise I landed a Pike in the boat in totally unheard condition – only 101 cm but with a weight of 11,2 kg.
If I had the slightest doubt, that soft-lures did't work as well as live bait in the cold months, it’s was gone. Soft-lures are just as good, if not better – and definitely the way forward!


Mikkel always releases his pike after a short photo session and careful handling.

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